Five, clean, comfortable and functional rooms are located just 30m from the beach of Psili Ammos.

The traditional Greek cuisine, the variety of tastes, the unexceptionable service, the reasonable prices along with the high quality of our food are the key characteristics of our restaurant here in the beach of Psili Ammos.

Every kind of delicious flavor, from unique traditional specialties of Greek cuisine, to fanatics of the species, to snacks, fresh fish, seafood, cooked dishes, dishes of the hour and everything else you can imagine, has its honor.

Sitting by the beach, visitors can enjoy savory dishes, such as unique traditional specialties of Greece, appetizers, seafood, cooked and grilled food. This is an unforgettable gastronomic experience that takes place from noon till late in evening…

For cooking and salads we use our extra virgin olive oil.

The dishes and appetizers are prepared with excellent and pure ingredients, in order to serve a quality traditional cuisine to our customers and to satisfy even their most demanding taste.

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